Butembo: Arsène Malule, 24, designs and installs lamps, sinks and automatic watering systems

Arsène Malule, 24 years old, has a degree in computer engineering. To make a living, he specializes in the automation of automatic electrical and electronic installations. Julienne Muhima went to meet him, he makes us discover him in the science and innovation column.

Arsène Malule installs systems to remotely control electronic devices in a house by a cell phone. It is for example lamps, a washbasin,…In addition to these installations, he also realizes automatic watering cans with sensors to measure the humidity of the ground.

“The automatic watering system, we do it by combining electronics, computers and electricity.  The combination of all these fields allows the installation of sensors that help us to measure the level of humidity of the soil to know if it is dry or wet. Then, with our computer programming, our system will automatically decide whether or not to water the field depending on the level of soil moisture,” he explains.

Proud of his job and despite the difficulties, Arsène Malule dreams of transforming his start-up into a big company not only to help people in need but also to create jobs for young people. He is calling for investors in order to achieve this.

Julienne Muhima

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